July 8, 2020

Darin Olien- Superfoods, health, rebirth and gratitude mindset

Darin Olien- Superfoods, health, rebirth and gratitude mindset

Ok guys I'm excited to have my good friend Darin Olien on the show today.

Darin has spent much his life traveling the world in search of the healthiest foods on the planet. He has incredible depth as a human and is extremely knowledgeable in what it takes to live a healthy life inside and out.

This episode begins with Darin taking us through a breathing exercise that he does almost everyday to promote a healthy state of being.

He challenges the listener that is trying to make a healthy habit change to first consciously commit to this change and then to do the work. A healthy lifestyle does not happen over night. It takes consistent small steps in the right direction. The daily work is what allows you the opportunity to show up to life at your best.

Darin shares how he has followed natures lead in overcoming tremendous personal loss and pain.

And he shares a lot of practical advice on how he thinks about choices that all of us have to make...including some of his favorite go to meals!

I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do as well! Ok enough talking lets get to the show…

Find Darin below and try some of his Barukas for 15% off!! Your body will thank you! And listen to his new podcast to gain knowledge thru great conversations around health and lifestyle.

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