Oct. 12, 2020

Spiros Michalakis- quantum entanglement, empathy, and why "change" is fundamental

Spiros Michalakis- quantum entanglement, empathy, and why

Exploring the quantum realm and "master algorithm" which gives you access to the wisdom of great spiritual teachers with the brilliant mathematical physicist Spiros Michalakis.

Spiros is a great guy and absolutely brilliant! I heard him on my friend Gabby Reece’s podcast and loved their conversation so I was thrilled he agreed to be on the show.


Spiros is a mathematical physicist at Caltech’s Institute of quantum information and matter (IQIM). His research focuses on the physical and mathematical mechanisms underlying the emergence of space–time. He manages IQIM’s outreach program so is actively involved in teaching and interacting with the community.  He also consults with Hollywood on blockbuster films to ensure an accurate representation of quantum physics. For example Marvels ant man series, captain marvel and most recently bill and ted face the music.

Earlier I mentioned brilliant….well in 1998 a list of 13 open problems in mathematical physics was created…Spiros and his post doc partner Hastings solved one of these problems which took 10 years before it was fully understood and recognized as solved.  Its the only problem fully solved on the list.




We cover:

-The master algorithm

-Quantum entanglement

-Why humans are infinite

-Space and time


-The biggest illusion in our world

-The most fundamental thing in our universe

-What is the soul

-Is a fate real

-Black holes

-The power of science

-Why love is fundamental to humans