June 24, 2020

Mardy Fish - Tennis training, strategy and mental health!

Mardy Fish - Tennis training, strategy and mental health!

Mardy is a former professional tennis player reaching a career high ranking of 7 in the world.  He is an Olympian that won the silver medal for the united states and is the current Davis Cup coach for the USA. 

Mardy is a great human and friend and a phenomenal athlete.  He shares so much valuable information into what it takes mentally and physically to perform at the highest level in tennis.

He takes us on his own personal journey to transforming his body with disciplined diet and training that eventually led to the best years of his tennis career. 

He lets us into his mind and educates us on tennis strategy sharing how he would play players differently based on their strengths and weakness. 

And he shares his experience with anxiety and mental health that halted his tennis career and his journey back to a healthy state of mind and body to be able to end his career on his terms.

I am linking an article that Mardy wrote for the players tribune that goes into great detail here and is a valuable read.

Twitter is the best place to find Mardy in the social network world so please follow him there.



The Players 'Tribune Article: