July 22, 2020

Mike Shand- Elite Private Chef, Nutritionist, and Restaurant Owner

Mike Shand- Elite Private Chef, Nutritionist, and Restaurant Owner

I’m excited to have my good friend Mike Shand on the show today!

Mike is one of the most elite private chef's in the world and has an intense passion towards food and health.

He has endless curiosity and desire to always grow and improve his craft which is a real inspiration!

Mike shares so much valuable information in this episode. I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope u do as well!

At around min 43 you may notice a change in audio and thats because I did a follow up call with Mike. During this pandemic we have cooked all our meals at home since mid March so my wife Sarah was dying to ask Mike’s advice on cooking. She takes over the interview for 15 min asking Mike some specific cooking questions. So if u like to cook I think u will really appreciate this addition.

We talk about:
-Differences as a chef on tour vs restaurant  vs private
-how your personal state effects your cooking
-shopping tips
-food culture
-path to becoming a chef
-positive ways to deal with failure and criticism
-importance of sleep, movement and meditation
-cooking in the pandemic

Were to find Mike:
Mike Shand



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